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November 26, 2018

We  live  in  a  world  of  big.  Its  big  money,  and  big  tech,  big  emotions  and  big  moments.  Everything  is  an  experience;  a  moment  that  must  be  captured  but  never  topped.  If  it  isnt  envy-inducing,  did  it  even  happen?     

With  all  of  the  going  big,  as  opposed  to  going  home”  Kriss  found  that  we  sometimes  loose  sight  of  the  world  around  us.  Its  the  in-between  blips  of  time  that  hold  the  most  sweetness  to  be  savored-  but  are  often  overshadowed  by  the  juggling  of  our  everyday  lives.  It  was  within  these  moments  in-between  moments  that  Kriss  realized  the  privilege  of  living  a  life  full  of  adventure  and  new  experiences.  A  woman  who  has  now  chose  to  make  it  her  lifes  goal  in  contributing  her  time  in  impacting  the  lives  and  moments”  of  others  who  need  it  the  most.    


“ I  want  to  spend  time  with  those  I  love  and  redefine  my  place  in  this  world;  because  there  is  a  whole  lot  more  savoring  to  be  done  in  this  crazy  life  of  mine.” 


How would you describe yourself in one word?



What gets you outdoors, moving and experiencing the world around you?

This insatiable curiosity about the world around me. There is so much to do, taste, feel and experience!


Beats that get you pumped to get on the road?

Currently Lake Street Dive, those cool kids can jam!


Never leave for a trip without ...?

A deck of cards and a swimsuit.


Go-to drink of choice?

Ooo, bourbon. Or coffee! Both straight up.


Shotgun or driver?

Shotgun! Driving requires so much focus and I dont want to commit to that.


Hostel hopper or 5-star regular?

Can there be an in between? I have done the couch-surfing backpacking trips that have you sleeping on train station floors sometimes (sorry, Mom) but sometimes a girl needs a good shower and some fuzzy slippers!


Mom's best advice?

There is always room for more at the table -- so scooch on in, the more the merrier.


Best piece of travel advice you have received?

Every McDonalds has free WiFi. If you dont want to do the map thing in new cities but you dont have an international plan, hit up a MickyDs and star the places you want to hit and then wander from there.


Who inspires you?

Ah, so clichéd, but my friends. They have hearts of gold, love so well and would be happy to wander for the rest of their lives.


Where would you most like to live in the world?

Mmm, the southern coast of Spain. Exotic beaches, the Mediterranean, and cava … what more could you want?


What does the word “Mindful " mean to you?

Mindful means thinking outside of your own bubble. Thinking across cultural barriers to take into consideration how your actions are going to affect those around you.


Do you remember the first moment in life that motivated you to help others?

I remember being on a road trip as a family, I had to be 4 or 5, and we stopped at In N Out. I have no idea where we were or where we were going but I remember my dad ordering one extra meal and putting it aside as we ate inside. He brought it back to the car and as we loaded up and left, he rolled down his window and handed the meal to a man standing on the corner with a sign right at the exit of the parking lot. I couldnt read but I heard the pleasantries exchanged and then my dads signature have a blessed day, partner” and the mans emphatic thank you!” … how could you not want to emulate the act of giving such joy? Even if that joy comes in the form of an In-N-Out double-double with fries.


What drives you now?

I want to find my own story and leave a mark on this world. I dont have to change the lives of thousands but I would love to be able to leave this planet having made at least one persons life better.