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November 20, 2018

Water is our most essential, imperative resource.

Our planet is comprised of over 70% water, and the majority of our very own body composition is made up of roughly 60% -- you guessed it,water.

With so much of our livelihood depending on nature’s most sacred source, it’s seemingly impossible to fathom the unfortunate reality that nearly 10% of people regularly consume untreated water.Each day 1,000 children die as a result of water-related illnesses; illnesses that -- with clean, safe water -- would be obsolete.

How much longer can we sit, watch, and wait for something or someone else to eradicate this avoidable epidemic?

How much longer until we ACT?

Starting now.

After a trip to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, XACTLY founder Scott Pearson had a front row seat witnessing the life-changing works of The Planet Water Foundation.

As a Pending B Corporation, and with the conscious alignment of the entire XACTLY family, XACTLY has chosen to partner with The Planet Water Foundation, raising voices for a cause and bringing clean, safe water towers to impoverished communities and schools worldwide. As a community-focused organization, Planet Water understands the bespoke needs of each community and member it serves, all while enabling the macro-level impact that clean water has on society as a whole.

Access to clean, healthy water drastically changes the trajectory of an individual and a population. Clean water improves overall community health, raises the standard of education, and has proven to level gender equality within communities.

It all starts with water.

Water towers are built with sustainability and durability at the forefront, giving communities one less worry when rebuilding from storms and tragedies.

We’re a stronger community when we’re all taken care of and provided basic human essentials. The Planet Water Foundation is tirelessly working towards that mission.

XACTLY is proud to partner with such a mission and organization, having already sponsored and installed water towers in Lombok, Indonesia, and -- most recently-- Cambodia for World Water Day, as a Project24 participant [link any Project24 press coverage here]. We are committed to using our business as a catalyst of positive change and social goodness, and we’re stoked to continue this journey, slating 3 additional installs in 2019.

The purchase of every XACTLY product benefits The Planet Water Foundation.

So, water you waiting for?

Dive right in and help us ACT. Visit our XACTLY apparel boutique, where all proceeds go directly to Planet Water and their life-saving mission.