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Partnerships- OLD

XACT is committed to helping you explore our beautiful planet. We’re also committed to improving it. As a for-profit, for-good company, XACT has partnered with Planet Water Foundation to provide the world’s poorest communities with clean, safe water sources. We’re proud of the XACT mission, and the purchase of every XACT product enables us to carry out a business that doesn’t only feel good, but does good.


We believe in a business model where quality, sustainable goods can be sold and a substantial portion of the proceeds can go directly to help communities around the world.

We do not believe that to do good you have to forfeit the idea of sustainable business or cut costs and corners. We do not think success is measured by profits. Our definition of success is tied to building innovative products, selling those products at fair market value and then investing in organizations and partnerships that we believe change the world for the better.

The work we are doing is not a solo effort; the status quo will change when more and more companies commit to using their resources as a force for good and more consumers demand it. Together you and the XACT team are leading the XACT Life revolution and help make the world a better place.

Planet Water Foundation Partnership

The Planet Water Foundation

Water is quite literally life. We live on a planet that is over 70% water and we inhabit human forms that are nearly 60% water. With so much of our livelihood requiring water, it is even more ludicrous that nearly 10% of the people on our water-centric planet are consuming untreated water. A thousand children die each and every day as a result of water-related illnesses. It is time to open our eyes to the thousands of children all around the world that are affected by this. That is why we teamed up with The Planet Water Foundation.

Access to clean water drastically changes the trajectory of a population

Planet Water Foundation is raising their voices and bringing clean water towers to communities worldwide. They are community focused and care not only about the immediate needs of the people in each village but the direct effects that clean water has on an individual and a society as a whole. They have done their research and have found that access to clean water drastically changes the trajectory of a population; it improves the overall health and well-being of the people, and it raises up the standard of education, as well as gender equality within each community.  Their goal is sustainability; they build their towers to last through destructive storms so that the people in each community can rebuild with one less concern.

We are proud to partner with this outstanding organization that is going above and beyond to bring about change in a sustainable and life-giving way. We have dedicated resources to affirm this partnership and to help communities around the world. Our hearts have been moved by images and stories from our first install in Lombok, Indonesia and we cannot wait to continue to use our business as a force for good and bring clean, safe drinking water to thousands more.