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May 06, 2019

It’s hard to feel great every day, all the time, no matter what. We all have off days, things that go wrong, and challenges that arise (and need to be solved) every single day. So what about those days when reality seems a little gloomier than usual, and you just can’t seem to shake it? We’ve rounded up five simple activities that are a sure-win to help brighten your mood and the world around you.

1. Move

Whether it’s going for a run, clipping in for a spin class, or simply going for a walk, a great first step in riding a bad mood is changing your state -- literally. Get up, get out of your current environment, and intentionally place yourself in a different one. Going outside, soaking up the sunshine (or rain), and breathing fresh air will instantly shift your state. It’s super simple, and even more effective!


2. Do good

We’re all better in community. Doing a good deed for someone not only creates positivity for the recipient, but also for the doer! It can be small -- smiling at a coworker, giving food to a homeless member of your community, or making dinner for a friend. Taking the focus off of your own challenges and undesired state will instantly elevate your situation, creating gratitude and contentment -- all while doing something kind and passing the good vibes along.


3. Tune out

Music releases natural opioids such as the infamous endorphins. Which is scientific talk that basically says: music makes you happy. Make a power playlist that includes all those songs that make you the happiest; fill it with throwbacks, songs that remind you of loved ones, and tunes that jog great memories. Play it whenever you’re feeling down, and you’re sure to have your mood hitting the highest notes in no time.


4. Take a break

Whatever you’re doing, it’s clearly not working. Just as with tip #1, you’ve got to change your state! Take a break, change it up, and do something different. Whether you have a frustrating case of writer’s block (we know what that’s like) or  you’re just down on your luck (it’s only a season -- this too shall pass), taking a break from your everyday routine will mix up your mojo, putting you in a better headspace to tackle whatever life throws your way.


5. Smile

You might not be in control of life’s many obstacles, but you are in control of your facial expressions. Smiling -- even faking it -- will instantly improve your mood and will have you feeling happier and less stressed. There areso many reasons to smile, and we’re here for ‘em all.

Bonus: Smiling is contagious! Those around you are also likely to be happier when you smile. So as your mother would say, “Turn that frown, upside down!” You never know how many humans you’ll benefit.