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XACT is committed to helping you explore our beautiful planet. We’re also committed to improving it. As a certified B Corporation we have started creating partnerships with charitable foundations that are changing the world.

We’re proud of the XACT mission and it enables us to carry out business that doesn’t only feel good, but does good.

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planet water foundation

As a certified B Corporation, and with the conscious alignment of the entire XACT family, XACT has chosen to partner with The Planet Water Foundation, raising voices for a cause and bringing clean, safe water towers to impoverished communities and schools worldwide.

As a community-focused organization, Planet Water understands the bespoke needs of each community and member it serves, all while enabling the macro-level impact that clean water has on society as a whole.

Xact has committed to donate a minimum of 2% of sales revenue directly to Planet Water Foundation



Our journey does not end here, this is just the beginning of our story.

And while we’re not XACT sure where that journey will take us, we know we want you there.

Hang on tight, it’ll be epic.

-The XACT Family

Join our movement, and find out XACT where we are going.