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May 29, 2019

Successfully prioritizing fitness can be hard enough when the variables are constant. You have access to your gym, your workout gear, and your consistent before-work, o-dark-thirty alarm. Traveling (and changing time zones) can complicate your routine, making it harder to get your sweat in between sightseeing, ever-changing sleep schedules, or even meetings. We’ve rounded up a few quick strategies to keep your fitness routine intact and to help you fit in your workouts while on the go.


1. Use the hotel gym

As unsexy as it sounds, the hotel gym is actually a great way to get a quick sweat in before your day on the road, or after a long day spent in a brand new place. From cardio equipment to weights, hotel gyms offer a variety of workout routine combinations and options.

Not stoked about the hotel gym? Take inventory of what equipment the gym has and create a shortened version of your typical gym sequence. This will help you modify your workout based on the available equipment, and you’ll also feel like you’re getting a little break from your regular workout. All while getting a good sweat in!


2. Visit a local studio

Workout classes more your thing? Peek around the local area and find a studio that has similar fitness classes you enjoy at home. From spin sessions to boot camp style group classes, this is a great way to create accountability for yourself when you’re on the road. Book your class the night before and commit to your workout long before your day begins.

Bonus: Most studios offer a free class or reduced rate for first-time clients. So you can burn all the calories at half the price.


3. Bring your gear

Pack your running shoes, a yoga mat, or some resistance bands, and you can do a workout class from the comfort of your hotel room (or just outside). Along with subscription-based streamable workout classes, Youtube offers a number of workout tutorial options. From yoga classes (both visual and audio) to bodyweight and resistance band sequences, you can get in a heavy workout while staying in.


4. Find a local hike

If you’re a runner, then you likely travel with your workout kicks already. If you aren’t a runner -- no fear! Most destinations have plenty of local hikes and walking trails. Ask your hotel concierge or home share host for suggestions about where you can double your workout as a sightseeing adventure.

Pro tip: Simply bringing your workout shoes will encourage you to get moving! Have your kicks tag along, and you’ll likely feel healthily guilted into lacing up and treading the town.


5. Check walking scores

When choosing a place to stay, try to book accommodations that have high walking scores. Locations with high scores of one (of many) major benefits: You can walk almosteverywhere. From restaurants to points of interest, these high-scoring locations encourage you to walk from place to place, without harshly reminding you that you’re getting your steps in.

Pro tip: Check the area’s weather and terrain before relying on walkability. In harsher weather and climates, walking will likely be less feasible regardless of locations.

Whichever way you choose to break a sweat while on your journey, do it. It’ll help you stay consistent, sleep better, release endorphins, and travel happy and healthy.