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Giving XACTLY The right gift

Giving gifts this Holiday season can mean more than simply putting a smile on a loved one’s face. What if you can achieve your objective, generously giving to those that you love and along with the hugs you’ll receive in return, you could be helping someone a world away, someone else can benefit and feel the joy this holiday season because you made the choice to shop responsibly.

There is a movement in motion - ethically sourced, sustainably made, quality goods are the new norm. There are companies out there without bottom-line tunnel vision; they are in the game for more than profit, they want to bring about social and environmental change. These are the brands that will allow your gift to do a whole lot more than simply get a hug and a smile, although it’s a great start. 

At XACTLY, we are looking to leave the world a little better than how we found it. We are on a journey to build products from sustainable, recycled materials, and looking for ways to minimize our own carbon footprint. We have established a partnership with the Planet Water Foundation to use our business and their expertise to take on the Global Water Crisis.

XACTLY is the only single-source brand for integrated travel gear – Carry, Hydration, Power, and Audio. Our products are intended for everyday or multi day carry. We have developed a collection of products and categories that integrate and equip the avid traveler, the daily commuter, the digital nomad for the road ahead, the day ahead, the adventure ahead… you’re fully equipped.

Here are some bundled collections for your Holiday shopping: 

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In the spirit of the season, our Gift to you is to help Guide you into a more conscious path, to research and support the companies that are trying to use their business as a force for good. There are many businesses, brands in every industry segment putting more attention on its stakeholders, different than shareholders. We can do more, we should do more, you can vote with your consumer dollars and make your voice heard. Here’s a link to @bcorporation to find a growing list of companies we’re proud to align with.