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September 20, 2019

Radical and reckless. 
To harness them both is like bottling lightning but when thrown together with earnest compassion we have the perfect storm, a storm that is a true propeller of change. 

Our inaugural year has been founded on the idea that we have the opportunity to use our business as a force for good and a chance to leave the world a better place than how we found it. This idea has spurred partnerships with organizations like the Planet Water Foundation; a respected nonprofit with a heart for the world’s most impoverished communities. Even better than simple compassion, that heart is backed by a proven plan to bring these communities clean, safe drinking water in a sustainable and empowering way. 











More than a billion people lack access to a clean water source,one in ten are living without a resource that so many of us don’t even have to think about. We wake up and simply turn on the shower or fire up the Keurig - no thought that in not-so-far corners of this globe there are a thousand children dying a day because the water they trek miles to obtain is contaminated. There is no morning java, there is no afternoon bubble bath, thereis water treated with chlorine powder - if you are lucky enough to live in a village with access to such a resource. Though even this is not a solution but rather a band-aid on a bullet hole situation, a hope that the little they can do to decontaminate the water they have access to is enough to stop the bacteria and diseases from spreading. 




Fifty-percent of hospital beds on earth are occupied by individuals with easily preventable waterborne diseases, but PWF sees the Global Water Crisis and it’s two main forms and takes them on, head-on. 
The issue:The global water crisis affects regions of the world in different ways–with water scarcity driving the need to build wells for water access. While, in other areas, water is available, but it is contaminated resulting in illness or death when consumed. Clean water access in areas where water can be filtered is where we focus by providing water filtration systems that remove contaminants that make people sick.

Their strategy:We combine clean water access solutions with water-health and hygiene education to help create behavior change, knowledge, and beliefs of water-health and hygiene in schools, homes, and communities.
So in we step to help take on the fight in this remote village in Nashik, India. Nashik is home to a rare, all-girls boarding school that houses and educates 392 tribal girls through government curriculum. The area that the school is located in is rural and there is no access to roads, water or health care facilities. PWFs initial assessment of the village showed that the local dam and plastic water receptacle that the village is using as a water supply is not potable, and after talking to the superintendent they learned that the chlorine powder they occasionally used to purify the water is not 100% safe nor effective. 
In partnership with PWF & the local community, we installed an AquaTower on July 20, 2019 - it is currently procuring clean water for 392 girls, 15 teaching staff, as well as the local community. The tower’s placement is strategic in that it is at the school so children can bring water homeaftera day of learning as well as being a localwatering hole (pun very much intended) for the community to come together and renew their childlike wonderment in the world. Change can happen and it is happening - they are a part of it and they can go forth and be their own perfect storm, adequately hydrated, healthy, and equipped to bring others along with them. 
Cheers to many more reckless storms of compassion and lives forever changed.