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In our opinion, having business practices that are responsible should be the default. When the XACT brand was just a concept, the one thing we knew is that we would commit to making a brand that can improve our communities. To us it is simple - do the right thing, and tell the truth. 


Earn more and spend less, regardless of consequence. That’s business. But it doesn’t have to be. Throughout their 20+ years of experience in traditional business, our founders knew there was another way -- a better way. XACT is proud to be joining a movement of businesses that are prioritizing social missions alongside profit, confirming that making money isn’t the only measurement of true, honest success.


As a certified B Corporation, XACT is committed to honest business at every stage of production and supply. We believe in complete transparency of our sourcing, supply chain, manufacturing, and post-production cycles, and we wholeheartedly believe that doing business shouldn’t just feel good, but do go. XACT is continually redefining what it means to be both a high-quality brand and an advocate for social goodness


Sustainably sourced at every step of the supply and manufacturing chain, all XACT products are engineered without negatively impacting our planet or the communities cleanly and consciously creating our products.
Through innovation, intuition, and an extra bottom line, XACT is a proud B Corporation. That means we’ll never give into the tempting “quick, cheap, and easy” ways of business, and that we pledge to do good, ethical business, and to partner with companies and organizations who promise to do the same.

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