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When XACT was just an outline of an idea, we knew one thing: we wanted to create something intuitive. Something instantly comfortable at first touch and that transcends boundaries, connecting us as travelers, as adventurers, and as humans.

As a premium lifestyle brand with a social goodness mission, XACT is redefining what it means to do successful business. We started XACT as a way to love by what we do. Which is our way of saying, we want to spend our lives being courageous and doing things that make this world better.

We want the same for you: to love by what you do, to do a whole lot of it, and to have XACT what you need along the way.

We’ve taken the time to define journey challenges, only to conquer them -- helping you accomplish whatever it is you’re setting out to do. 

We’ve figured out the How of the journey, so you can focus on the Why.


XACT life is all about action and connection, nudging us closer to each other, to our planet, and to who we’re called to be -- as humans and as stewards.

Our XACT mission is short, sweet, and everything XACT life means to us:

We promise to ACT to improve our community, to inspire others, and to build intuitive products that simply feel right.

What does XACT life mean to you?

Take our hand, jump right in, and let’s find out. We invite you to become the newest member of the XACT life community, where the rules are simple, and the gratitude is overflowing.

We hold ourselves and each other accountable, and together we ACT to improve our world. We prioritize community interests, values, and needs over just our own, and we listen to one another, always abiding by the Golden Rule. We are dynamic, agile, and resilient. We are strong.

We are a team. And the team is everything.

We’ve always believed that success and ethics aren’t mutually exclusive. After 20+ years in traditional corporate work, we decided it was time to follow our intuition and to walk our walk, loving by what we do. We’re not XACT sure where this journey will take us, we know we want you there. Hang on tight, it’ll be epic.

-The XACT Family

Join our movement, and find out XACTLY where we are going.