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XACTlife is a life that’s jam-packed with ACTion.

It nudges us, giving us permission to find greater meaning and connection through work, travel, and play.

As the world becomes more dynamic, more interwoven, and better connected, it’s easy to singularly indulge in our personal lives without fully considering the greater globe.

But we don’t have to.

Cue, XACTlife.

Here are XACT, we recognize the privilege each of us has to live during such a revolutionary time on such a precious planet. But this gift doesn’t come without responsibility. Each of us plays an impactful role, encouraged to be catalysts of change and persistent forces of positive, social goodness.

XACTlife is all about action and connection, nudging us closer to each other, to our planet, and to who we’re called to be -- as humans and as stewards.

Our XACT mission is short, sweet, and everything XACTlife means to us:

We promise to ACT to improve our community, to inspire others, and to build intuitive products that simply feel right.

What does XACTlife mean to you?

Take our hand, jump right in, and let’s find out. We invite you to become the newest member (link to newsletter subscription) of the XACTlife community, where the rules are simple, and the gratitude is overflowing.

We hold ourselves and each other accountable, and together we ACT to improve our world. We prioritize community interests, values, and needs over just our own, and we listen to one another, always abiding by the Golden Rule. We are dynamic, agile, and resilient. We are strong.

We are a team. And the team is everything.