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June 07, 2021

There is nothing more important to you than your children. Parenting is demanding — it overwhelms you, it tires you out — but at the end of the day, you look to them and you remember why it’s all worth it. 

As a single father, you might often feel alone in the journey, but there are ways to balance your responsibilities and ensure a healthy and prosperous life for you and your child.

Look for support

Many single fathers resist the idea that they need help. But they do themselves the disservice of not allowing loved ones or available resources to provide needed support. 

  • Establish relationships with neighbors, community members, church leaders, etc. that can provide assistance in an emergency or during a tough time.
  • Don’t be afraid to use public resources. According toThe Spruce, places that can makeends meet include community organizations, TANF, WIC, local food pantries and recreation centers. 
  • Online sources. While there is less information tailored to single dads, several nonprofits dedicate themselves to helping single parents and providing support and advice, as well as provide guidance towards financial help. Some of theseresources are online forums, email services or general advice. 

Your health

Single parents tend to focus so much on the needs and well-being of their child, that they often neglect their own health and needs. It might seem easy at first to push your health to the back burner, or to tell yourself that everything is fine. However, it’s important to maintain healthy habits, or at least a few minutes a day to dedicate toyour health. For example, this can mean spending time in nature to relax and recharge. Grab a healthy snack, fill up one ofXACT's reusable bottles with a healthy beverage, and get out and enjoy all the benefits that nature has to offer.

The way we eat, drink, love, and cope with stress, depression, anxiety, and sadness all play a big role in the state our mental health is in. Sometimes, it’s necessary to take a step back and ask yourself if you’re doing the right thing for you, and not the easiest thing. Remember that your overall health will dictate how well you can cope and triumph against the everyday challenges. 

Physical health 

Maintaining an active lifestyle can help increase energy, but also aids in maintaining ahealthy weight and metabolism. Activities such as running or weight lifting strengthen muscles, increase bone density and increase cardiovascular health.

Mental health

Dealing with the responsibilities and difficulties of raising a child alone can lead some men to suffer from depression or anxiety. According to Harvard Health Publishing, exercise is anatural treatment to fight depression. High intensity exercises release brain chemicals called endorphins that fight stress and its adverse effects. Exercise and regular physical activity can also help:

  • Sleep
  • Balance mood and energy
  • Mitigate stress

Working life

As a single father, you might catch yourself feeling anxious every time you check your bank account balance. But how can you increase your income and savings while managing your responsibilities towards your kids? Running aside gig that you can do remotely could be the solution — and it could even provide you with a full-time income one day. This is one reason why more parents are turning to entrepreneurship and homeschooling! 

You might be excited to start seeking out customers, but first, you’ll have to write up abusiness plan that can guide you through your first months. After taking care of this task, you’re ready to structure your company as anLLC business to safeguard your personal assets and help you save a little money during tax season.

Implement a routine

Establishing aroutine for you and your child will provide security and teach them the importance of organization and consistency. Use morning, bedtime and weekends to teach your kids about important tasks that must be done around the house or before bed. As your kids grow, the established sense of structure and order will help them take responsibility and start becoming independent. 

Fathers provide support, moral guidance and inspiration to their children. A single father has a lot on his shoulders, but this journey does not have to be walked alone. Build a support group, take care of your physical and mental health, and enjoy the infinite rewards of raising a strong, independent and successful child.

Photo Credit:Pixabay