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March 17, 2021

Supporting Diversity Through Mindful Spending: A Guide for Consumers 

This past year has been filled with pain and uncertainty. But if there’s one positive that has come out of the last few months, it’s that there seems to be a greater focus on diversity and inclusion in our society. Social issues that were once hidden are coming to light, and we’re all trying to find ways to create a better world out of the chaos.Xact is doing it’s part, as well. 

If you want to make a difference, being careful with how you spend your hard-earned paycheck is a very effective way to do so. Consumers like you can make choices every single day that can level the playing field for others and this guide can provide some tips for getting started. 

A Word on Corporations vs. Small Businesses 

As a small business, we hope that consumers will support other small businesses, especially those that are owned and operated by underrepresented populations. With so much emphasis on diversity and inclusion lately, you should be able to find scores of  minority-owned businesses online. 

Even so, small businesses are not always accessible to everyone. Some consumers may need to shop with big box stores and large-scale corporations for the savings, and that’s totally fine. If you are one of these folks, you can always research each company’s diversity and inclusion stance before you shop. Here’s the  official statement from Nike, as just one example. Other  diversity ambassadors in the corporate world include Ben & Jerry’s and Gap Inc. 

Budget concerns can drive support for corporations since many of these companies offer lower prices than small businesses. You can also use  Nike coupons and other promo codes to save more when shopping with major retailers, then you can feel even better about your purchases. 

Why Shopping Small Businesses Can Be So Important 

If you need to shop big box to keep your finances afloat, by all means, do so. Putting yourself under unnecessary stress isn’t going to do anyone any favors. But if you have room in your budget, please consider buying from  local small businesses when possible. It’s so much easier to know who and what you are supporting when you can actually speak to business owners. 

It’s also worth noting that supply chains of many mass retailers can lead to  exploitation of vulnerable populations. While it may not be visible on the surface, modern slavery is a common practice used to keep prices low on in-demand consumer goods. People at most risk of being enslaved or paid extremely low wages are, in fact, minorities. 

Xact is aware of these issues and is one small business that is  actively fighting against them. Social purpose is at the heart of our brand, and we are dedicated to transparency in our supply chain and labor force. We’re also proud to place a focus on social issues, not profits. 

Other Ways to Support Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Causes 

As a consumer, your dollars have power. Being mindful of how you spend those dollars can help prop up minority-owned businesses, improve the local community, and ensure ethical practices in larger corporations. But there are other ways you can support the issues you care about most. 

If you are interested in promoting racial diversity and inclusion, donating to  top black-led non-profit organizations is a good place to start, particularly since nonprofits led by minorities tend to net fewer grants and funds than their white-led counterparts. You’ve likely heard of a few of these organizations in the media, including Black Lives Matter and the historical NAACP. 

Volunteering with these groups is another way to help out if you can’t budget for monetary donations. If you want to be active with BLM, for instance, you could use your skills to sew masks or make other supplies for protestors. Even having educational conversations with your friends and family will help. So know that there are multiple ways to make a difference. 

Make no mistake: your voice matters. Your choices as a consumer matter, as well. You can support diversity and inclusion by being mindful of your spending. But you can also donate your time or money to causes directly because every little bit of help matters. 

When you shop at Xact, you support sustainability and inclusion. Check out  the collection.

Photo Credit:  Pexels