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August 18, 2020

We had the privilege of getting a fantastic review done by Always Wander, an incredible review site the keeps you well versed in just about anything travel. Billy Ferguson was hands on with our Oxygen 45 and delivered an excellent review that dives into every aspect of the bag. Here's a quick glimpse.


We're continuing to get more and more stabs at reviewing "onebag" bags for our trips, and couldn't be more excited to see all the new possibilities. The Oxygen is a 45L option that's been thrown into the ring.


The backpack is made of heavy duty 900D polyester - which is made from recycled bottles. Always good nowadays. The sides are made from what they are calling XACTknit - their branded name for a recycled jacquard material that adds a nice unique look to their bag. And, these two are STRONG.

Zippers are YKK, and I believe they are made from aluminum or an alloy - they are wicked lightweight which is great since Xactly uses some of the bigger versions, and this prevents the bag from getting too heavy. The other hardware, is made by Woojin, out of Korea.

There are 4 major storage pockets. The main pocket (opened vertically), a top tech pocket, and two full length side pockets (one includes a hidden water bottle pocket). There is also a laptop sleeve, which is false-bottomed, great to see.

They say it fits under most airline seats, but packed out, I think that it's more likely this will go in the bin above your head. I especially don't see it fitting under any that have the little hard drive/computer under there.

The bag retails on their site for $229.00 USD, though they do occasionally have sales like any other company.


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