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July 12, 2020

Just send it. To embody it simply means to be all in and go all out. Ask the girl out, quit the soul-sucking job, ski down double black. No wave is too big to drop in on and no bridge too tall to jump off of - it is all about perspective.  We live in a world that allows us to push our own boundaries and to live the life that makes us feel fulfilled, seen, and stoked as hell.

Jake Berthelot and Travis Sims live this motto out. They gave the “normal” and straight path the finger and gave it the full send into a life of adventure and activism.  They are cliff divers with a knack for events and content creation. Travis says it wasn’t until he hit a dead-end that he realized he could give himself permission to step into a journey that excited him like no other. The biggest issue? The need to consciously separate work and play. When you are living out your passion and the play bleeds into the work it can sometimes be hard to remember to stop and realize wait, I get to do this for a living, I need to take it seriously. For Jake, the stress came in the form of forgoing a steady income for a life that is a little more sporadic and the need to constantly pursue new partnerships and opportunities.

Though the duo seems to make it work just fine. They have amassed a small band of followers who love to watch them jump and work and play and fight for causes they believe in. They take seriously the privilege of jumping off of some of the world’s most beautiful landmarks and in return they dedicate their events and their time to a little environmental activism. They are leaving a legacy behind something they could be proud of and between the dives and the parties, they are making the world a little better and bringing people along for the ride.

Travis and Jake are leading lives of adventure and they were the perfect partners for Pelican and XACTLY on Obsesh Media's original production Road to Adventure. Part I launches Thursday in Adventure Amplified, a new original series for Jukin's People Are Awesome channel. Together, outdoor athletes, thrill-seekers and adventurers hit the PNW to road trip, camp, do a little clean-up, and host the sickest freestyle cliff jumping competition there is. It was a summer road trip for the ages and something these two buds will add to their resume as proof that following your dreams and going full send into a life of adventure can truly pay off. 

So just send it, you never know what rad adventure you’ll find yourself on. 

For more on the adventure and updates check out @obseshmedia

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