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November 15, 2018

We see ourselves on a journey with all our community. We share a set of values and an aesthetic that binds us together. Together we can help create a better world made possible by better products created with good intention and environmental awareness. Our journey is defined by five pillars that will continue to inform our product development and our continuing commitment to our world family and shared natural resources.



We are driven to do good in this world and created Xactly to give us the means to achieve that goal. Xactly supports community projects from clean water projects and wildlife conservation in Africa and Central America to urban art and support projects around the United States.


Xactly products are designed with travel in mind and have features that promote organization and efficiency on the go. Take them on short or long trips and use them wherever you go - for adventure, business or social travel in the USA and around the world.


The Xactly dream is to free us from the confines of the office. We take our work into the world. Our products are engineered for work efficiency and organization everywhere, providing the necessities of life and the freedom to experience the world in a social way. 


When you own your day and can do absolutely anything, Xactly gives you the necessities for your trip there and back. Whether you are going surfing, hiking, snowboarding or heading out to a concert, festival, art event, or a wine tasting we make the journey special.


Xactly is designed to support your fitness goals, to achieve your inner balance for physical and mental clarity. From bags and audio to advanced hydration products, we make workouts better. Xactly is great for everything from Crossfit and Pilates,- to running, indoors and out, at home or on the road we are on your journey.